Axiva Sichem Cellulose Chromatography Paper
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Posted: 28 days ago
Location: Albacina-Borgo Tufico,The Marches,Italy
Brand: Axiva Sichem
Wholesale sale price: 100 £
Wholesale price: 100 £
Retail price: 100 £
Minimum quantity: 10
Delivery time : 10
Deliver cost: 10 £
Axiva Sichem Pvt Ltd manufactured high quality chromatography papers which are the most widely used papers for chromatography worldwide. This recognition and usage reproduce the purity, high quality, and consistency of axiva chromatography papers. These qualities are relied upon by chromatographers and are essential to successful, reproducible chromatography.
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  • Cellulose Chromatography Paper
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Description: Axiva Sichem Pvt.Ltd was started in 2004, and promoted by a group of dedicated and creative thinker technocrats, engineers and professionals. Today Axiva Sichem is one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and supplier of laboratory filtration instruments in India and many other countries.

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