Earn extra money participating in behavioural research
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Posted: 9 months ago
Job type: Temporary, Part time
Salary: 10 £ / per hour
Location: Marylebone,London ,United Kingdom
There aren’t many places in London to make easy money. Until now! If you’re 18 years or over, the London Business School Research Lab invites you to participate in cutting edge academic research and earn cash in hand at our lab just 5 mins walk from Baker Street Station. Sign up now: https://lbs.sona-systems.com How does it work? Start making money in just three simple steps: 1. Create an account today so we can email you with the latest studies: https://lbs.sona-systems.com 2. Complete a short 5-question pre-screen and read the FAQs section of the site. 3. Sign up to participate either online or at our Research Lab near Baker Street station 4. Earn £10 or more for lab based studies (depending on the type and length of the study). What’s the research? Contribute to world-leading research that’s helping shape business today. Each study is different – you could be asked to ride a static bike, consume a food or drink item and answer some questions about it, interact with other participants in a group or simply share your thoughts on a topic and complete a survey. There’s no obligation, you choose which research studies interest you. Spots fill up fast so find out more today. https://www.london.edu/faculty-and-research/faculty/research-support/research-lab Call +44(0)207 000 8630 | Facebook London Business School: Research Lab | Twitter @LBSLab
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