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Posted: almost 2 years ago
Location: United kingdom
Brand: fufofit Inc
Condition: New
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FufoFit is a smart bracelet cum wrist watch loaded with some mind blowing features to help you maintain your health. It is a Smart Watch that can help you to monitor your health. You can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level in real time. You can also manually check the measurements displayed on the bracelet. It comes with a mobile app so you can view the details on your smartphone as well. The data is saved on the app so that you can keep a track of your previous measurements. FufoFIT is not merely designed to keep a track of your body system. This amazing band can also help you to monitor your sleep cycle including the number of the hour that you have spent in deep and light sleep. The built-in alarm clock reminds you about your exercise schedules and while exercising you can view the heart-rate and the blood pressure to keep the exercise light according to your own comfort. This band is safe and designed in a way that whatever you are doing, it will be along with you. Even if you are swimming you can wear the band as it is 100% water resistant.
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Description: We, FufoFit offers a variety of sports and lifestyle gadgets including smart bracelets and fitness trackers, track suits and other exercise equipment. Our products come with free shipping across the UK but we can also ship to other countries of the world. We try our level best to come up with products that are best suited to the people of all age groups so that everybody can stay healthy and know what is going on inside their body.We try our level best to come up with products that are best suited to the people of all age groups

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