Paid Participants and Reseachers For Academic Research
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Posted: about 1 month ago
Job type: Permanent, Temporary, Part time
Salary: 6.50 £ / per hour
Register as a research participant with us and influence academic research around the world! Your registration makes you eligible to participate in a variety of academic research projects and studies! I have recently joined an online resource that helps academic researchers recruit me and others for paying research studies. It's an easy way to participate in research studies and earn extra money at the same time! On Prolific, we endorse the principle of ethical rewards. That is, we ask researchers to reward participants with at least $6.50 per hour. What we do At Prolific we bring people together to power the world’s research. It is the first scientific, highly scalable, ethical participant recruitment platform for researchers around the world. Quantitative and qualitative researchers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs all need valid and reliable data sources to make predictions about human behavior, social change, and global developments.Link
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