T3 Elite Colorful Lanyards
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Posted: 6 months ago
Location: Walnut,California,United States
Brand: GSJJ
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Are you a girl who loves lacrosse? Or do you have a dream for becoming a lacrosse athlete? T3 Elite have a mission to reach girls’ full potential on lacrosse field, and teach life skills to young girls. Joining in T3 Elite and you will have more opportunity to enter competition. The T3 Elite Colorful Lanyards is designed for you when you become a member of the team. It is finished by adopting dye-sublimated printing technology. Different dye adds to the T3 Elite Colorful Lanyards by high pressure and high temperature. Only from the picture, you can see four colors. The awesome lanyards are composed of different color squares and the text. This design is unique and attractive. The awesome lanyards can be selected by you and design it by your own idea. As for custom made lanyards, the attachment is important, like the T3 Elite Colorful Lanyards with a metal oval hook. This lanyard has attracted you, right? Custom Lanyards Size: 0.75"*34" Thickness: 1mm Style: Dye-sublimated Lanyards Attachment: Metal Oval Hook Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag
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