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Posted: 10 months ago
Location: Addis Ababa,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
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Hello Everyone from ASIA, AFRICA, NORTH AMERICA,SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, AND AUSTRALIA ! Do you know where the LAND OF ORIGIONS , beautiful , mysteries , extraordinary , panoramic landscape , stunning unique wild life , birds , superb lakes , national parks which has it's own endemic fauna and flora , delicious food , various hotels , restaurants , night clubs which offers international and national dish and music as well ? This country is unique by it's own written system known Gee'z , Have it's own calendar with sets of days , month and yrs . The Land of Head quarter of Africa Union ( UNOAU ) and the land of United nation economic commission for Africa ( UNECA ) . The biggest market found here in this country , the land of Second Jerusalem ( the origin of the original Arc of the covenant , the land of UNESCO wonders , enchantment , a country with one of the richest histories on the African Continent , a land of Contrasts and surprise of remote and wild places home to cultured and friendly people who are descended from some of the world' s oldest civilizations , Birth place of Coffee 'Lucy ' the world's oldest known almost -complete hominid skeleton founded by Pro. Donald Johansson with the reside people. Never colonized by foreign invaders from African Continent. Would you like to know profound interpretation about this country without nonstop and intend to visit ?Are you planning a vacation for week ? would you like to travel with safe and secure tour service offer environment ? We are one of the leading TOUR service provider for families , friends , students , individual and groups with affordable price . we are long yrs of Experience in this service , licensed from the Addis Ababa city administration culture and tourism bureau . Certified from the Orromia regional state culture and tourism Bureau ( Orromia millennium tour) , Certified in  hotel management from A A city administration culture and tourism bureau , Member of tour guide association , training by the bureau in tourist safety and customer handling We provide ALL kind of TOUR , Hotel reservation , vehicle arrangement , escort for individual and groups . Please feel free to get to us for any inquiry we look forward to hear you . WE VALUE AND PRIORITY FOR OUR VISITORS NOT FOR MONEY BUT SATISFACTION WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE COUNTRY’S CLASSICAL , NATURAL , CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT ONCE YOU VISIT US , YOU WILL COME WITH WHOM YOU KNOW AGAIN AND AGAIN ALL THE TIME . Email: : 24614/1000 Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia Tell: +251921058348
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