Yellow Bus Embroidered Patches
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Posted: 3 months ago
Location: Walnut,California,United States
Brand: GS-JJ
Condition: New
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A little yellow frog sat on a yellow car. The little frog stood by the window, stretched out his head and looked out into the distance. He seemed to be thinking about something. Perhaps it was because he left his hometown and sat in this vehicle, which did not know where to go, and full of sadness, nostalgia for his hometown. Maybe thinking about the future. Who knows? Yellow Bus Embroidered Patches each patch measures 2.1 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 1.7 inches tall, with laser cut border and iron on backing. We provide different style backing and border for Embroidered Patches. We provide up to 9 colors for custom Patches. Each Yellow Bus Embroidered Patches are attached with poly bags for protection. Send us free quote now.
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